Garland of Stars

In Memory of Mr. Garland R. Porter, May 29, 1927 to March 19, 2017

Dedicated to the memory of Garland Porter, an avid Vacaville cultural arts supporter, donor and contributor to VPAT and On Stage Vacaville. Mr. Porter, who served the City of Vacaville as the City Treasurer was very active and much-loved by our community. Because of his passion to be a friend to all and create the best place for his Solano County “family”, Mr. Porter volunteered for many organizations in the community.

In a 2005 interview for NorthBay’s Wellspring publication, Mr. Porter, who was at that time serving as Board Member for the NorthBay Healthcare Foundation, explained why he served as a volunteer for so many:

The entire effort, he has said, “is for one common purpose: to help people in need, to enhance educational and employment opportunities, to aid seniors and veterans, and to steer young people in the right path of good citizenship, success and prosperity.”